Product Designer

Designing the user experience for our financial advisors and customers to manage their banking accounts with BPCE group

My skills

I have several knowledges to develop digital projects. Here are some of my strenghts.


I'm able to design web and mobile interfaces and cope with the current user experience and web ergonomics' issues. I value micro-interaction and animation.

Front-End Development

I have acquired a real interest in front-end development and can easily communicate with developers to deliver the necessary assets and resources.

Graphic Design

I currently have strong expertise in using Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign softwares. Logo design and brand identity creation are something I'm confortable with as I like to work with vector components.


With a professional baccalaureate Graphic Production, I have a good knowledge of pre-press including typography and colorimetry skills. The history and legacy of printing are important to me.

Passion is passion, time is for reaction